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About M. Jay Cohen

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." —Rachel Zoe

When you're at the crossroads of fashion and modesty....

When you're looking for something simple yet elegant...

When you don't want to compromise on function for fashion...

Call on M. Jay Cohen, the answer to your wardrobe hurdles.

M. Jay Cohen was created to be a practical go-to line of clothing that requires very little thought and no stress. All made of high quality fabrics, in easy to dress up or dress down styles, constructed in a manner that subtly plays up our beautiful bodies without compromising on modesty. 

About the designer:
As a New Yorker at heart living in California, Mushky Rosenfeld wanted to blend East Coast high fashion with the West Coast's laid back "fun in the sun" culture while remaining firmly rooted in modesty.

After years of frustration with trying to find clothing that fit a real woman's body, Mushky finally discovered the perfect style that embraces the female shape; there was no more shying away from her own body.  She began to make her discovery a reality by making her own clothing that allowed her to celebrate her confidence and reveal beauty in curves. Ultimately, she was inspired to create the same for all women eager to find modest clothing that acknowledged their bodies, and that is both practical and flexible for everyday demands.
I hope you enjoy our line of clothing as much we enjoyed making it for you.

Mushky Rosenfeld and the M. Jay Cohen team.

The man behind the name:
M. Jay Cohen is dedicated to Mushky's late uncle who passed away by suicide at 19 years of age. He had a  deep passion for art and music. Society is long passed the era of stigma and shunning against depression and suicide. His name will be remembered with pride.